Avid gardener, brewer and cook.

My earthly passions include allotment gardening, beer, country wine, baking bread and sweet things, cheese, cider, old Fords, ’70s Italian horror movies, military history and Carry On films. All reviews on this blog are by me, Big Bad Bread Bloke. I do not receive any kind of incentives from any third parties. Comments always welcomed from those with knowledge and insight. 

I hope my love of baking is made clear on this blog. Experimenting with flavours and textures is always enjoyable: the ones that work appear on BBBB. The others? Well, that would be telling 😉
I have a Twitter account where I post the things that don’t fit this blog. Find me @bbbbPete. I will almost certainly follow back! I have a Google+ account somewhere but I can’t find it at the moment.