It’s flowerpot time! Midsummer madness has descended in my kitchen and I’m baking my bread in clay pots. I did something similar back in May but this time I’m baking an 800g loaf in a larger pot…

This loaf is made from the brilliant Bacheldre Watermill bread mix range. The two I have tried so far have resulted in excellent bread. Make up the dough as directed (300ml water and 1tbsp vegetable oil added to the dry mix) and knead/rest/knead in the usual way. Lightly oil your clay pot (I use a spray) and place the dough inside. 

Okay, I’ve not dropped the dough down a well… Cover the top of the pot with plastic wrap or a polythene bag and leave for ah hour or so until you see something like this…

Perhaps not quite like this: the Nigella seeds are my own addition. When you’re happy with the dough, preheat your oven to 220°c and bake for approximately 40 minutes. Allow to cool in the pot for five minutes before turning out.

I like to return the loaf to the oven for another five minutes just to colour the sides of the loaf. This method of baking bread does not produce the ‘hollow’ sound we associate with a thoroughly baked loaf so a few extra minutes ‘bareback’ at 220°c helps woth the overall appearance.

Tasty white loaf with a difference! Well done Bacheldre Watermill.
Score 4.5/5


3 thoughts on “Bacheldre Watermill Bakers White Bread Mix

    1. Thank you for commenting. The reasoning behind this blog was to see if bread mixes were good or bad and easy to bake. I’ve been surprised by most of the mixes I’ve tried (they’re all pretty good) but nothing is better than making bread from scratch.

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