Sweet treats time again: this month we have another supermarket ‘own brand’ to try –  appearance number two on BBBB for Asda! Owned by Walmart… it’s Red Velvet Cupcakes.

I like the packaging on this product: it is certainly bright. The back of the box lists instructions and additional ingredients in a simple easy to follow layout

Yes, there’s no excuse if you mess this one up. Opening the box, we have three packets from which to create the cupcakes.

Cupcake creations in one box

And six bright red paper cases. Everything you need for easy baking. To test that statement, let’s get busy. Extra ingredients for you to source:

  • One medium egg
  • 4 tablespoons cold water
  • 75g salted butter

What follows is as simple as it gets: add the egg and water to the cupcake mix

Then beat it together until smooth

Take the six paper cases provided and evenly fill each one with the mixture…Then bake @175°c for 13-15 minutes until risen (use a skewer to be certain of done-ness: if it comes out clean, the cupcakes are ready).

So simple! Let the cupcakes cool right down before making the cream frosting. Mix together the frosting powder with the 75g softened butter to get the topping made. I used a strong polythene food bag with one sealed corner cut out as a piping bag

Now, I’m the first to admit decorating cakes is my achilles heel. Nothing has changed today. Anyway, get that frosting on those cupcakes by whatever means you have. Done? Now for the sprinkles…

At least they look edible and not like a dogs dinner. Well done Asda. Moist and delicate cupcakes that only hamfisted frosters like me could possibly let down. This kit is a winner and I recommend it to you all.

Score 4.5/5

(footnote: a look at the ingredients listed on the box showed a few surprises. Things like cream cheese powder and everyone’s favourite polyglycerol esters of fatty acids. But wait! The sugar sprinkles contain, as a glazing agent, beeswax, and are coloured using radish, carrot and blackcurrant concentrates. Despite all this I still like these cupcakes).

(footnote 2: I tweeted Asda congratulating them on this kit. They replied positively. Then it was retweeted by them and liked by several people. As of 28th June 16.40h it has 7434 clicks…)

Within 24 hours the stats read

The 30th June…

It would seem tweeting the right people can pay off!


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