There is nothing positive about this bread mix. It is by far the worst Paul Hollywood product I have tried (and the worst bread mix I have ever made). Utterly horrible in every way. Gummy texture, no trace of of garlic or herbs in the bread. Puke coloured dough. Sorry if you were expecting my usual preamble before the review – I simply cannot raise a smile to this…It may look acceptable but believe me, it is not. I am so cross that I feel the need to warn you good people, so look at the packaging photos and avoid it…

Score 0/5


2 thoughts on “Paul Hollywood Garlic & Herb Tear ‘n’ Share Bread Mix

    1. Take a look at his website. He says he has worked on these recipes. Really, Paul? Most of the other mixes are good (flapjacks in particular) and the part-baked rolls are very good. I can’t think why this bread mix passed any tests. Yuck.

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