Scones. How do you pronounce it? Sc-ohn-z or Sconz? Strawberry jam and clotted cream or something altogether more sophisticated? Well, savoury scones are on trial today, in particular Paul Hollywood’s pre-mix. 

The packaging states 450g for a total of eight scones @86g a piece. Eight!? Straight away I decide on doubling that amount. Will this affect the results of the bake? Hopefully not: I appreciate a monster scone but for my purposes only ‘dainty’ specimens will do. Find a mixing bowl…

A blend of strong flour, wheat bran, cheese and Rosemary for delicious, savoury scones with great height and satisfying texture.

  • One medium egg
  • 80g unsalted butter cubed
  • 180ml semi skimmed milk
  • Extra flour for dusting and grated cheese if desired
  • Egg or milk to glaze

So far so good. Finally a pre-mix with a list of extra ingredients to add 😉 If you have made scones from scratch then the directions from here on in will be familiar: rub butter through mix until breadcrumbs stage, add egg and half the milk before using the rest to form the dough. At this point the mixture feels a bit too stiff: I wait a few moments to check again then add more milk (two tablespoons). Better. Softer. Work the dough gently, turning through 90° three times. Okay? Good.

As I want x2 the given number of scones I roll out the mixture 2.5cm thick rather than the inch (5cm) directed. Using a medium sized cutter to get sensibly proportioned scones I get…

Less steppingstone, more steppingscone.

I managed 15 scones from this mix. Brush the tops with beaten egg and a little more milk and bake for approximately 15 minutes until something like this states back at you…

These scones are bland. Flavourless. Rosemary? Not to my senses. Where is it? No sign on the palate either. Disappointing. Cheese? Only when baking – nothing now. However there is no baking powder twang (when you taste it you’ll know the horror of Arm & Hammer in baking) so, at least, the ratios are right. These scones compliment tomato soup and with extra cheese they would be decent.

Score 2.5/5 (would have been more like 4.5 with rosemary and cheese evident)


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