Chocolate brownies. I’ll write that again: chocolate brownies. Are you with me so far? Yes? Good! I like to bake a sweet treat once in a while  and for the merry month of May I bring you Tesco Chocolate Brownie kit…

If you are a DIY fan then this kit will have its attractions: the disposable (non stick) baking tray needs folding and tucking in an unexplained way: note to Tesco… give some kind of instructions on the box please! Happily it comes together well enough after a few moments of WTF?!?

At least, we cannot mistake the correct side for any other: the legend  is proudly (?) embossed in the cardboard.

Read em and weep FYI

When we have performed the necessary origami the next step is to…

  • Add 50g unsalted butter to a microwaveable bowl plus half the contents of the chocolate chunk sachet. Full power for (45 seconds). Set aside.

Mix the brownie sachet with two medium eggs then fold in the butter/chocolate mix and what is left of the choc chips…

Until we have a thoroughly mixed and bubbly batter which must finally go into the magic origami tray before baking @180°c for 28-30 minutes.

When did any of us last fail with chocolate brownies? The concept is too simple to f*** up, surely? Yes, it should be possible to make a perfect traybake from a kit and feel justifiably pleased. Not here.

That sinking feeling…

ALL the choc chips sank in the batter leaving an unsatisfying layer of heavy cake above, never mind the tray being decidedly non stick when it mattered most. Flavour and texture? Chocolate sponge with soft spots of low quality, low cocoa chunks. Disappointed with this kit. My first real failure with a Tesco product, but I will not be downhearted.

Bake again? Never, unless recipe improves. Score 2/5


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