Using the right amount of ingredients is important, perhaps essential in any kitchen. When I see a recipe (usually from the US but sometimes Canada and Australia) that measures cups of ingredients, I usually move on, however unfair that might be. Why? Most (all?) European recipes you will see are in grams and in very rare examples, pounds & ounces. Cup measurements simply are not used on the other side of the Atlantic: it’s scales all the way. So this little post is mainly for me (haha) so that I can remember the differences in weights and volumes etc etc. Disclosure: my kitchen features cups, measuring spoons and scales. My head hurts…

Yes, you can find a conversion table elsewhere on-line; one that might cover all variations, because this one converts US to metric only.

I think that just covers it for this blog. To labo(u)r the point two cups of bread flour is going to weigh approx 500g (454g equal to one pound). Do not get me started on the US/Imperial measures debate! One pint is 20fl oz. One gallon is eight pints, not four quarts. You can see the confusion, can’t you ;-]


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