Are cupcakes still fashionable? I seem to recall a mania for softly frosted sponges sweeping the globe a while back, and then… nothing. What happened to TV programmes like Cupcake Wars (Food Network schedule filler) and bake-off dramas with Paul & Mary? All gone now (and farewell). Checking the wordpress reader shows cupcakes are alive and well, so it occurred to me that a decent cupcake mix review might just be the ticket this Easter…And here we go with Tesco Vanilla Flavour Cupcake Kit.

Self contained kits like this cheer up a dismal afternoon: after all, in a short space of time the promise of sweet treats for little effort can’t be bad, can it? Open the box and take a look

Six paper cases, sponge mix, frosting and sugar sprinkles. Ingredients to add are listed as

  • One medium egg
  • 60ml (4tbsp) semi skimmed milk
  • 80g softened unsalted butter 

      Whisk together the egg, milk and sponge mix for one minute until smooth. Tasting the raw batter will tell you just how vanilla-y it really is. Sadly it the taste of essence, not extract.

      Sweet nothings

      Using a spoon to add batter to each paper case gives a 50% fill. Just about right IMO. Into a preheated 180°c oven for approximately 15 minutes…

      While they bake away it’s time to make the frosting. Take the 80g softened unsalted butter and beat it into the frosting mix. Yeah, well all I can say to that is make sure the butter is very soft because mixing will be impossible otherwise. I had dry mix flying around the kitchen like a sandstorm! When I’d managed the task it was spooned on to each cake and (sort of) leveled off. On went the sugar sprinkles plus a little Easter treat…

      Mini Eggs! Now don’t they look good enough to eat? Very pleased with them. According to the nutrition panel on the box each cupcake contains 290 calories. I don’t know the calories per mini egg but we have to expect a cupcake at 320 with extras. So don’t eat em all at once.

      Enjoy your Easter holidays and come back soon for more on BBBB.

      Bake again? No comment.

      Score 4.5/5


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