I spotted these part bakes a while back when I was reviewing the Paul Hollywood seeded rolls for this blog. Looking at the packaging and the statements ‘Delightfully Crusty’ and Made In France made my decision easier. So here we go…Out of the packaging, the baguettes have a slightly tacky feel to them but no worries there. Slight aroma of yeast too. What to do with them after baking? Garlic & herb butter perhaps. Or cheese, ham and pickles? Oh the agonies of choice 😉

The cooking instructions say to dampen the baguette surface with water (to allow a good crust to develop). Me being me they get a very brief dunk in cold water and the on to a baking sheet and in to the oven for 10 minutes. When time is up the bread is hotter than the sun and needs careful handling more than most others: drop one of then on the kitchen floor and it would surely shatter.

Cutting the baguette leads to the disappointment of a fairly tight crumb. Pull apart the bread, however, and the structure is much better. So a taste test:

  • Super crusty exterior
  • Light-ish texture when not cut with a knife.

But!  Very little flavour to the bread. Having said that, does anyone eat a baguette  au naturel? I certainly don’t. Get them loaded with suitably Gallic delights…

Here we have saucisson sec with herbs, some mild Camembert and chilled bottle of Gascogne to quaff along side. This is the life. 

Bake Again? Honestly, Yes. My own attempts at baguettes have been a little merde so these are just better. Merci mes Ami.


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