The bakers of France are rightly considered national treasures. Fresh bread, daily. Not a lot to ask is it? Quality products for a discerning public that knows what it wants. I read somewhere of 27,000,000 baguettes baked everyday throughout France – that figure just blows my mind. What would the total be including all other loaf styles? Yes bread is very important across the channel and I envy that situation. Could there be a bread mix suitably a la francais for us all to try?

Francine bread mix feels French (to me anyway), clearly emphasized by the naming. So a rustic loaf with cereals and seeds is what we’re about to bake and I’m eager…

  • Sunflower seeds
  • Yellow flax seeds
  • Brown flax seeds
  • Marrow seeds
  • Roasted barley malt

Cereals @73% Seeds @22%.

The resulting dough is s-t-i-c-k-y, so much so that I add extra bread flour to make it manageable. A long slow rise follows then a knock back, shaping, slashing and second rise to give this…

A hot oven is required (240°c) however my oven tops out @220°c. In the end I doubt this matters too much as after 40 minutes I set my eyes on this…

Wow. If bread was art this would be displayed at the Louvre. Delicious aromas, very crisp crust from the high hydration, perfect for salted butter and a wedge of Brie. This loaf ticks the boxes alright. If my recommendations count for anything at all then you will all bake this bread mix before long.

There are a couple of other mixes in the Francine range and bet your last penny on seeing them here on BBBB. Merci.

Bake Again? Forever.

Score 4.5/5


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