I want you to look at the packaging. Carefully. Is there anything about it that suggests, say, a white multi seeded loaf? What am I talking about? Well…As far as I was concerned this mix was wholemeal bread when I picked it up. Nothing in this paragraph should be taken as outright criticism though. I like white bread after all and never having tried any of the Bacheldre range I was keen to get it on BBBB.

A look at the ingredients reveals…

Looks promising, doesn’t it? So promising that my breadmaker is not getting to do its thing today. We have a bloomer (and a shorter but deeper one than is usual).

Okay, the directions on the pack are as generic as ever: 

  • 300ml water
  • 3 tablespoons oil or butter
  • Mix thoroughly, knead for five minutes, let dough rest, shape or use bread pan, prove until doubled, bake etc etc.

For today the dough had its initial rise, was knocked back and allowed to go again. Shaping this pillowy dough was very easy: it seems to take strength a little better than others

By the way Bacheldre is pronounced Baach-el-dray. Its on the pack. Every day we learn. Something else we learn:

  • Bake @210°c for 30 minutes

Delicious loaf with great texture: just as it should be. There are other mixes in the Bacheldre range and they’ll appear here on BBBB. For a premium bread mix this is up there with the best.

Score 4.5/5


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