Sourdough bread is, to me, something of an enigma. Yes I’ve had my own starter that was lovingly fed and watered. I’ve paid through the nose for an artisan loaf that took three days to produce. We know what sourdough is. More importantly we know what sourdough isn’t. Okay, there are no legally binding definitions of what constitutes naturally leavened bread but what I do know is sourdough bread cannot be made from a pre-mix.

Please don’t hate me

So what the hell is the Co-op doing with this? Instead of attempting to review a sourdough bread, (which this is not in any true sense) I’m taking it head on as a regular white loaf with ‘flavourings’.

Before we bake, let us read the ingredients list (excerpts):

  • Wheat flour (70℅), Rye flour (12%), Kibbled rye (9%), Dried yeast (2%)
  • Potato flakes (!)
  • Sodium hydrogen acetate (that name just makes me feel sad)
  • Flavouring

BUT WAIT! What is that smell? Possibly vinegar. Aha! It must be the sodium hydrogen acetate -the promised ‘sourdough’. Seriously, if any of you try this mix please leave a comment as to what on earth that twangy whiff is.

Prove it

Eventually I make a rustic bloomer in order to give the mix a half chance.

The end product is more than acceptable FOR A YEASTED WHITE LOAF. The flavour is a little odd but toasting is the best use for this bread

The crumb structure tells its own story: no large air pockets or a chewy texture. Again this isn’t sourdough.

Score 2/5

Update – this post gets more hits than any other on the blog – 914 as of March 2018! Thank you for reading.


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