I’ve done it! The Wilkos Bread Maker is mine: okay, there are things it cannot do (bloomers, boules etc) but so what? That shape can still go in the oven. For a regular shaped 1.5lb or 2lb loaf for slicing this budget machine does them just fine.You will know about bread makers so there is no point in detailing everything here. Let’s say £30 for this black box was as much as I was prepared to spend and it does all the things I want it to do. More to the point the ‘dough’ setting will be very useful as the machine will knead those wetter mixes for me (think French style baguettes and batards).

My first loaf is shown above: 1.5lb granary/strong white flour combi. Total time two hours and fifty minutes! Decent crust but crumb is quite dense (learning curve approaching). I expect a 100% wholemeal loaf will work too but I’ll have to experiment with flour hydration first before posting.

So if you see any stocky looking loaves on this blog from here-on-in you’ll know where I baked ’em…


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