Breads with seeds, grains, nuts and oats are a favourite of mine (not all in the same loaf BTW), so when I saw this bread mix at my local Waitrose it had to appear on BBBB.

Oats & Linseed. Twice.

You will need to add

  • 25g butter
  • 290ml water at room temperature

      Now we must rub the fat through the mixture so that everything resembles breadcrumbs (as if we are to make shortcrust pastry).However, 25g butter is not enough to rub through the dry mix and achieve the ‘breadcrumbs’ stage. I persevere and add the water little by little to produce a sticky dough (there is a tip printed on the side of the pack that suggests I add honey to the dough after the water, so I do).

      The dough is just firm enough to knead without clogging fingers and counter top. I’m going to make two 400g boules from the mix

      Knead the dough for the usual ten minutes (this particular mix feels very good during this stage). Slash the dough, wait one hour and we have…

      Pac Man and his brother laughed at the thought

      After my usual dusting of white flour and polenta, the loaves are ready to bake @210°c for approximately 25-30 minutes.

      Two crusty and chewy boules  for my not-so-hard work. Good taste from the few in number linseeds. All in all, a good effort from Waitrose 

      Score 3.5/5


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