Don’t do so much as think about telling anybody, but I’m becoming, well, fond of Mr Hollywood’s products (the man himself is still cause of much indifference). The other part-baked bread rolls in this range have been satisfying and good value… unlike Mr H’s TV persona. So for this installment, I bring you Paul Hollywood Ready to bake Crusty Rolls!

My photo shows (rather poorly) the packaging both top and flipside. Yes, the rolls are presented sunny side up yet upsidedown (!)

Again we are told the slow fermented starter will give better flavour, and sure enough once the thick poly wrapper is opened that distinctive aroma comes at you. But wait! Is that a hint of sourdough? The ingredients list says no. Hmmm. Curious.

Into a preheated oven @ 200°c for ten minutes this time (to get a crusty finish). If there has to be one talking point it is the smell of these rolls as they bake: just terrific. I’m still thinking ‘sourdough’…


So here we are after baking and a further ten minutes resting. Crusty they are. Delicious they are. Destined to be dunked in chicken soup? Oh yeah, baby.

In conclusion

  • Rather irritatingly another winner from Super Scouse
  • All the flavour, all the aroma, none of the waiting
  • Try one slathered in salted butter and pâté (then try another)

Bake Again? YES


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