I take packed lunches to work on a daily basis – usually leftovers from the previous night’s dinner. This week it’s sandwiches: sandwiches made with Paul Hollywood Ready to Bake Seeded Rolls!I didn’t know the sly scouser did this kind of thing and that is why I grabbed them (that and my need for sandwich bread).The packaging is certainly, erm, eye catching with every last letter of text crammed in to a headache inducing design of yellow and black. What drew my attention was this:

‘Made with a slow fermented starter for a richer flavour’. Now that kind of statement cannot fail to impress, although ‘packaged in a protective environment’ (hospital?) less so.

Opening the heavy duty bag (no materials listed) releases a blast of yeasty smelling goodness: I can believe the ‘slow fermented starter’ claim right away. Hopes are higher now. For your money you get three poppy seeded rolls and three sesame seeded rolls:

Notice the clam shell pattern shaping? A nice touch. Nicer yet would be seeds that remained on the rolls rather than a third of them staying inside the packaging. Hey Ho.

To me part baked rolls have tended to be a disappointment what with the gummy texture and tendency to resemble coal if left in the oven for one extra minute. Not the case with Super Scouse and his products.

I get the oven to 200°c and bake these rolls for eight minutes as directed. Resting for ten minutes after that, this is what you get:

The only question is what to fill these babies with. Hmmm.

In conclusion

  • Tastiest part bakes I have tried
  • Great flavour from that starter
  • Decent texture

Bake again? Yes.


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