Cookies or biscuits? Well, it depends on where in the world you live. I’m in England so I would say biscuits. An American might say cookies (and the blue goggle eyed monster on Sesame Street definitely would). Supermarket giant Tesco prefer ‘cookies’ too. 

So as a small diversion to the content of this blog it is cookies I shall be baking today. 

Disappointingly the mix will make a mere six cookies: I was hoping for a dozen, but never mind. To get these half-dozen discs of delight the addition of 

  • 50g melted unsalted butter
  • 15ml of cold water

is required. The dough comes together quickly enough and feels very rich and very short – so far so good. Now, at this point I refrigerate the dough although the on pack directions make no mention of this stage. Note to Tesco: dough this short is easier to roll and shape chilled than dough at room temperature. So after nearly an hour in the fridge the dough cuts nicely into six pieces:

Pack directions state 180°c (unassisted) or 160°c (fan) for 11-13 minutes. I am wary of this considering the shortness of the dough, but plunge straight in anyway.

Turns out I need not doubt the timings given because the dough baked out a golden yellow. Here we go:

You might be thinking (as I was) “Where is the bloody chocolate?” Well, turn one cookie over and…

the chunks are all there, hiding. Can’t curse Tesco for that one.

When cooled these cookies are a chewy buttery treat: well done Tesco (and/or their supplier haha).

In conclusion:

  • Quick and easy to make but you must chill the dough
  • More chocolate please
  • Use salted butter
  • Larger pack size please, say 500g

Bake again? Maybe. 


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