What to do for a quick-ish midweek pizza that will not come ‘deep pan’ from any high street bolt hole? Make my own, of course.

    I’ve never made ciabatta before and as I had got my hands on a non stick pizza plate it was time.

    Should I mention never having made pizza either? Learning curve 

    Following instructions does, finally, yield a s-t-i-c-k-y and just workable dough: perfect. Rather than attempt kneading I do no more than oil the counter top and let the yeast do its thing. 

    Eventually the time comes. I have too much for one pizza as I cannot stand the deep pan experience, so half becomes a ‘proper’ ciabata instead.

    Relief map of Sicily
    Proper ciabatta

    So there we are. One last 40 minute wait and it is time to top my first ever pizza.

    Tomato paste, mozzarella, pepperoni, cheddar and Parmesan. The ciabatta gets a dusting of flour and polenta (oh so authentic). High hopes for both as the dough is like a quivering vision of loveliness.

    Twenty minutes at 200°c produces the most delicious aromas. I’m thinking about sweet potato fries as a side to the pizza. I’m deliberating splitting then toasting the ciabata then packing it with mozzarella and ham: all this before I’ve seen the results…

    The photos hardly do justice to these two beauties. Still, let me tell you Wright’s classic ciabatta mix is a good ‘un: light and crispy pizza base and equally lovely ciabatta loaf.

     In conclusion

    • Delicious airy bread
    • Pile it high with mozzarella and pepperoni
    • Dine like (a modest) Roman Emperor

    Score 4/5


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