Every now and then a “supper club” invitation comes my way, this one with the proviso I do the bread and pastry. 

“We’ll be serving roasted tomato soup first. What do you think?”

Honestly, not much but as I had the Wright’s mixes lined up to review here on BBBB, I used what seemed the most appropriate. (Incidentally, the initial choice was not the cheese & onion mix – more on that later).

So to the bread itself. Wright’s CC&O bread mix (in common with the others I’ve tried) is simplicity itself to put together. A smooth-ish to sticky dough which has great aromas – no denying the two named ingredients here. Rather than bake a mini loaf or two for six greedy people to devour it had to be a bakers dozen of dinner rolls: two rolls each and three for me!

Odd shapes, great aromas

Before anyone pipes up with “You’re lazy! The rolls aren’t shaped!”, let me say that rolls cut from one long piece of dough are better left unfinished (at least in my mind). So there.

As ever the rise took longer than the time stated by Wrights: it’s my kitchen to blame for that.

To add a little more depth-of-cheesey-onion goodness, I grated some mature cheddar and sprinkled onion powder on each roll. The finishing touch.

Say “cheeeeeeeeeeese”

(I was going to make simple white bread rolls for the supper club, a tear and share perhaps. As the blog was due an update and the fact tomatoes go well with cheese and onion, it really had to be this bread mix).

Anyway, here they are!

Very pleased how these turned out and they went down well with my dining companions.

In conclusion

  • Excellent bread mix start to finish
  • Light and airy crumb
  • Soft crust
  • Potential as a pizza base?

Score 4.5/5


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