Celebrity endorsements are everywhere, aren’t they? Are we more or less likely to buy a product fronted by someone ‘famous’? I’d like to think the marketing works-why bother if it doesn’t ? As far as this blog is concerned only celebs with a direct involvement in the product will appear. I wouldn’t buy engine oil endorsed by Jennifer Aniston for example. Paul Hollywood is well known in the UK (for many reasons) and so he gets his face on BBBB first of all.

Tomato & Thyme is a great combo and this mix intrigues me. Can both flavour and aromas come through? Let’s find out.
We start by adding to the mix 50ml olive oil and 250ml of water, then adding a final 70ml water to create a workable dough.Mixing it all together doesn’t release a discernible aroma to my jaded olfactories but I appreciate the cheerful colour; terracotta with a bit of rouge applied to the cheekbones.

Kneading the (stiff) dough for the directed ten minutes makes for a very smooth finish I wasn’t expecting. Perhaps after initial mixing a rest period for autolyse would be better: next time leave for an hour before kneading.

Hooray for Hollywood

We are told to cover & prove as normal, with one difference: no timescale given! Hooray for Hollywood. My subarctic kitchen casts its icy net still wider (it is January after all).

UNTIL DOUBLED IN SIZE” comes in very handy on occasion.

As it happens, “doubling” took 60 minutes (no change there) and then…

Knock back the dough, press out in a rectangle and shape your bloomer. Yes, it needs a second rise! More time to kill.

Hopefully good things come to those who wait.

With my oven at 200°c the blooming flour dusted bloomer goes in for an initial 25 minutes then another ten minutes at 180°c as directed. Really nice aroma about now. 

Scratch ‘n’ Sniff

In conclusion:

  • Good pre-mix at a premium price
  • Nice aroma when baking
  • Airy crumb (not shown)
  • Softish crust

If the other breads and mixes in this range are equal to this one I’ll be impressed.

Bake again? YES.


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