Brown bread: when I was a kid it was the only loaf in the house. Pre sliced, plastic wrapped and flavourless. For years I never ate the wretched stuff by choice. Eventually I thought ‘make a loaf of proper bread’.

I want to start the blog with a brown/wholemeal bread: it is on the rise (haha) with me and so, today, we have Wright’s Mixed Grain bread mix.

Reading the ingredients declaration explains the malty aroma upon opening the bag (in part)

  • Oat flakes
  • Rye flour
  • Malt flour (wheat and barley)

Following the on-pack directions I’m  becoming concerned by how stiff the dough feels.  Will the suggested resting period help relax the rubbery ball? Well, yes but not much.

Good to firm

Putting aside my misgivings, I decide to shape two small loaves, dusting with a little flour before covering and leaving well alone for the suggested 30-40 minutes.

I know my kitchen (15°c) is not at what most people recognise as room temperature, so the rise takes over an hour.

Notice the slashes

With the oven raging away at 230°c the loaves go in for the 30 minutes stated on the pack.Pleasingly, after ten minutes the kitchen smells better than usual…

Pass the butter

You may be able to tell that 20 minutes was enough to bake both loaves: the full 30 would have produced two lumps of coal. I know my oven and it is old, however my other baking tends to be less at its mercy than these boules. 

Nice overall flavour and a decent crust. It could have been much worse.

In conclusion:

  • Stiff dough is good dough (!)
  • Good light crumb
  • Plenty of crunch from the crust and grains/seeds
  • Malty aroma a bonus

Would I bake this bread mix again? Given what I now know, yes.


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