Hello and welcome.

Searching the Internet can be an ordeal: so many sites and only so much information. 

Food blogs have been done to death, I discovered.

However much I searched I couldn’t find a site that reviewed one particular thing: bread mixes.

There, I’ve said it.

 I’m a keen home baker. I bake all my own bread in an oven using flour, yeast, salt and water. Should I delve the waters in order to satisfy my curiosity?

  • Ease of use
  • Reliable instructions?
  • Are all bread mixes created equal?
  • List of ingredients and equipment needed ( or kneaded)

      So this blog is home to my experiences doing just that: regular reviews of as many bread mixes and occassional shop’s own cake mixes one man can bake.

      Impartial reports, shaky photography and hopefully a little fun along the way (plus lots of bread to eat).

      If you’re  curious about this subject, a raving obsessed fanatic or perhaps an unrepentant bread snob who only does “artisan”, then come along with me.

      We might all learn something.


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